Friday, August 18, 2017
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Fiat Ministry Show Episode 20: with Guest Deacon Ed Heinz

Deacon Ed Heinz will give his Fiat Moment and also talk about the Servants of Mary Shrine in Windsor,OH and also will talk about the Our Lady of Guadalupe statue. Check out Servants of Mary website Please Join us each Thursday nights at 9pm...

Episode 19 Guest Joe Miller

[vimeo 65110110 w=490 h=276] Joe talked with  us about Evolution and give us some great points that we know God is our Creator.  Also we talk about the battle between our soul and our body.  How culture or the world we live in can damage...

Episode 18 Guest Jack Craig

[vimeo 64604861 w=490 h=276] Our guest will be Jack Craig with The Neocatechumenal Way. He will also give is Fiat Moment(s). You can contact him at or the website is

Episode 17 with Guest Ann Marie Flanagan & Jackie Oesmann

[vimeo 64360664 w=490 h=276] Ann Marie Flanagan will talk about her Fiat Moment(s) and we can talk about Pope John Paul's "Theology of The Body" .   Also Jackie Oesmann is a Catholic Campus Minister for the Archdiocese of Newark at Kean University.

Episode 16 with Guest Joe Miller

[vimeo 63541730 w=490 h=276]

Episode 15 with Guest Joe Miller

Joe will be talking about his Fiat Moment(s) and also talk about Palm Sunday.  We also talk about the Holy Spirit.

Episode 14 with Guest Shawn Douglas

[vimeo 62133229 w=500 h=281] Shawn Douglas will be talking about his Fiat Moment(s) and also talk about the Men's Seminar Year of Faith at Immaculate Conception Church March 23, 2013.

Episode 13 with guest Gabrielle Kuholski & Special Co-Host Hannah DeLaat

Gabrielle talks about her Fiat Moment(s) and also about Guardian Angels.  We also finish up our Sacrament Series with Hannah. Video quality was not good for this show.  We will have it up but the audio is better.

Episode 12 with Guest Hannah DeLaat

[vimeo 61684904 w=500 h=281] We talk to Hannah about the Pope Benedict XVI stepping down to retire in prayer.  Also we continue on our Sacrament Series talking about Holy Eucharist, Confirmation and Anointing of the Sick.

Episode 11 with Jaime Cordova

[vimeo 60802395 w=500 h=281] Jaime Cordova is a parishioner at Assumption Parish in Geneva, OH. He will give his Fiat moment(s) and also will talk about the Divine Mercy.