Wednesday, September 6, 2017
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Show #9 with Guest Tom Sinclair

"New Ways to Communicate and Spread Our Faith" with Tom Sinclair. He is also known as "The Vidblaster Guy". Come watch a see some great ways to communicate our faith to others in the 21st Century. [vimeo 59756787 w=500 h=281]

Show #8 2013 March for Life

[vimeo 59341196 w=500 h=375]

Show #7 With Guest Fr. Michael Polinek & Hannah DeLaat

We continue to talk on our Sacraments Series with Fr. Michael Polinek of the Erie Diocese.  We have Hannah DeLaat talking about St Germaine Cousin int our Spotlight of the Saints segment.

Show #6 Special Guest Fr. Michael Polinek, Hannah DeLaat

We got Fr. Michael fiat moment(s) and just talked to him about becoming a priest.  Also, we started our Sacrament Series with Hannah and Sarah.  The first two that we did was Baptism and Confession.

Episode 5 with Sarah McGervey and Hannah DeLaat

Sarah McGervey and Hannah DeLaat come on the first show of the year and talks about the Sacrament Series.  Also Sarah talks about some Pro-Life topics and Hannah talked about St Maria Goretti and Blessed Jose Sanchez del Rio.

Episode 4 with Hannah DeLaat

With Hannah DeLaat talk about our Blessed Mother Mary [youtube]

Fiat Ministry Show Episode 3 with Kent Kuholski


Fiat Ministry Show Episode 2: with Hannah DeLaat

Hannah DeLaat talking about her Fiat Moment(s).  

Fiat Ministry Show Episode 1: with Sarah McGervey

The first Fiat Ministry Podcast with Sarah McGervey.