On this Episode of “Foundations Restored” with the Kolbe Center for the Study of Creation, Hugh Owen welcomes Dr. Kevin Mark, a Catholic Convert. Dr. Mark shares his testimony of becoming Catholic, the many questions he had to resolve along the way, and the crucial role that the Kolbe Center played in his conversion to the Catholic Faith.
Contact Dr. Kevin Mark: drmark@killarneydental.com
Website: http://kolbecenter.org/

You are a dentist with a strong background in natural science. What are some of the bodies of evidence in natural science that have convinced you that the molecules to man evolutionary hypothesis fails as a scientific explanation for the origin of man and the universe?

We are often asked “What difference does it make if we believe that God made the first human beings through an evolutionary process or created them by fiat body and soul as the Church taught from the time of the Apostles–as long as we believe that God did it?”  How would you answer that question?

You have a wonderful wife and five young children who have been taught the traditional Catholic doctrine of creation as the foundation of their Faith.  There are many parents and grandparents in the audience who are concerned about helping their children and grandchildren to keep the Faith.  How can they use the traditional doctrine of creation to give their loved ones a solid foundation in the Faith, one that will not crumble under the attacks of the anti-culture of death that is so strong, especially here in North America and in Europe?

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