Faith Life Family Episode 10
with Fr. Donald Calloway, MIC (

“If I had an army to say the Rosary, I could conquer the world.” – Blessed Pope Pius IX

Missy asked Fr. Calloway to begin this Episode with a prayer.

After a quick introduction by Missy, Fr. Calloway was formally introduced and asked to speak on his new book, Champions of the Rosary: The History and Heroes of a Spiritual Weapon. #championsoftherosary

This book took 2.5 years to write and contains 455 pages. It contains tons of Saints, Blessed’s, etc. Among many of the 60+ endorsements, this book has been endorsed 30 Bishops and 4 Cardinals. #saintlyendorsements

In order to combat heresy, the Rosary was the spiritual weapon of choice with a sword being that weapon of choice. #rosaryweaponofchoice

Fr. Calloway talked about a Nigerian Bishop (Oliver Dashe Doeme) who told Fr. Calloway that “he would cherish this book for the rest of his life”. He also advised Fr. Calloway that he was before the Blessed Sacrament when the Lord appeared to him. During this appearance, the Bishop was being handed a sword by the Lord. Hesitant, but the Bishop reached out to grab the sword. As soon as he received the sword, it turned into a Rosary. Jesus then told him 3 times, “Boko Haram is gone”! Bishop Oliver knew at that point that he needed to spread the news on the power of the Rosary. #thisbattlemustbewon

Fr. Calloway’s new book includes many battles that were won due to the Rosary being the “weapon” of choice, a spiritual weapon at that!

The conversation then turned to “Who Founded the Rosary”. Fr. Calloway stated that St. Dominic in 1208 brought forth the Rosary. St. Dominic then authored several encyclicals. #St.DominictheRosarySaint

Several other Saints have enhanced the Rosary’s History such as St. Louis de Montfort who actually wrote a book on the Rosary.

Fr. Calloway also mentioned that the new book includes “tons” of miracles including a miracle wherein one of Ted Bundy’s victims was spared because she had a Rosary in her hand. #miraclesoftheRosary

It was mentioned that Pope Leo XIII was known as the “Rosary Pope”. He actually wrote 11 encyclicals.

Fr. Calloway then mentioned that due to the state of the world today, we must pray the Luminous Mysteries. For example, the Wedding at Cana proves that marriage is between a Man and a woman. #praytheluminousmysteries

Missy exclaimed to Father Calloway on how she loved the cover of his new book. Father then began to explain the origin of the shield on the front of the book. #protectionoftheshield

Shirts, prayer cards, and other items will be made focusing on the “Shield”.

Also included in the new book will be the “26 Champions of the Rosary”. It will begin with St. Dominic and have such people like Frank Duff and Fr. Patrick Peyton included. #championsoftheRosary

Fr. Calloway stated that he has commissioned artwork to accompany the new book.

Lastly, Pre-Orders for the new book will begin mid-July ( Actual release date is scheduled for August 8, 2016.

Evil was so prevalent during Fr. Calloway’s journey, that he actual had several USB’s made and distributed to several friends and colleagues in the event he died.

Once again the Chat Room was busy with comments and questions but unfortunately due to technical issues (brought on by evil?) no phone calls were taken. #poweroftherosaryoverevil

As you all watch this episode, please check out the “bright” light behind Fr. Calloway. An Angel with wings? Look at that light illuminating the Cross!

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