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Faith Life Family Episode 21: Antonia/Mother of Servant of God Carlo Acutis

video Join us for an Exclusive Interview w/Servant of God - Carlo Acutis' Mother, Antonia Salzano Acutis. She will be LIVE from Rome! We will be discussing her holy son's mission of spreading devotion to The Most Blessed Sacrament through Eucharistic Miracle exhibitions created by he and his Mother. Here is a link to a fabulous cartoon that is an...

Faith Life Family Episode 2: Rev Chris Alar Director of the Association of Marian Helpers

Rev. Chris Alar, Year of Mercy, Marian Helpers, Pray the Chaplet, Catholic Podcast, Faith Life Family, Fiat Ministry Network,video On this episode of Faith Life Family Missy D'Aconti talks with Fr. Chris Alar. Please join Fr. Chris Alar the Director of the Association of Marian Helpers and I as we discuss Divine Mercy Sunday and the details of this Year of Mercy. "Share" this invitation with your "Friends" as everyone needs to know about and embrace Jesus' Divine...

Faith Life Family Episode 33 Part 4 Creation vs Evolution-Hugh Owen

video Please join us LIVE for the conclusion of our 4 part series on Creation vs Evolution with expert and Founder/Director of the Kolbe Center For The Study of Creation, Mr. Hugh Owen. We will focus on how this all directly relates to the messages of Fatima. Please SUBSCRIBE to our Fiat Ministry Network YouTube Channel and SHOP for Clothing and Accessories...

Faith Life Family Episode 31 Creation vs Evolution w/Hugh Owen

video On this episode of Faith Life Family we welcome back Hugh Owens. Please join us for Part 3 of our 4 Part series of Creation vs Evolution with expert Hugh Owens - Founder/Director of the Kolbe Center for the Study of Creation. This week we'll be discussing Adam & Eve. Be prepared to learn a lot...the Truth! Be sure to...

Faith Life Family Episode 26 Lady Day

Anna Nuzzo, Lady Day, Laura Brockway, #LadyDay, #ADayWithoutWomen, Faith Life Family Wear, Fiat Ministry Network, Catholic, Feminine, #ReturnToOrder, John Horvat, American TFP, America Needs Fatimavideo A compilation of videos and pictures from faithful viewers showing how they celebrated, in a very special way, "Lady Day". Please join us Thursday night at 9pm EST at Please watch us on: Website: Facebook Page: Youtube Channel: Periscope: Audio Stream: Itunes: Google Play Audio: Stitcher: Please Like, Follow and Subscribe. Thank you for your support.

Faith Life Family Episode 18: Richard & Stephen Payne of Arcadia Films

Richard & Stephen Payne, Arcadia Film, A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing, Catholic Podcastvideo Faith Life Family episode 18 Richard & Stephen Payne of Arcadia Films discuss their riveting new docu-drama film featured on EWTN entitled, "A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing". Join us LIVE Thursday nights at 9pm EST Links You can purchase the film at this link.

Faith Life Family Episode 6: Footage of the LIVE Stream of #ProtestPP in Richmond, Virginia

Silent No More Awareness, Leslis Davis Blackwell , #ProtestPP, Jackee Gonzalez, David La Rock, 33rd District of the House of Rep. for Virginia, Callie Jett, Founder and CEO of Talk About Adoption, Michael Lewis, Associate Director of Virginia Catholic Conference
On this episode of Faith Life Family we join Missy D'Aconti as she was live from the protest Planned Parenthood 2016. Join us tonight at 9 p.m. Missy got to interview some of the great speakers that spoke during the protest. We will see the interview from Leslis Davis Blackwell Virginia Co-Coordinator at Silent No More Awareness. We...

Faith Life Family Episode 11 with Navis Pictures President Producer Director Jim Morlino

Faith Life Family Episode 11 with Jim Morlino - President, Navis Pictures ( Missy D'Aconti ( began the program with an overview of what will be discussed on Episode 11 including the three (3) movies produced/directed by Jim Morlino (Jim): "How to Make a Movie" "St. Bernadette of Lourdes" "War on the Vendee" - Best Film Awards These films are good quality entertainment. Can and...

Faith Life Family Episode 9: The Most Blessed Sacrament Love and Protect It

Most Blessed Sacrament, Corpus Christi, Eucharistic Prayer, Eucharistic, Holy Communion, Catholic Podcast
Faith Life Family Episode 9 The Most Blessed Sacrament: Love & Protect It Gloria, Lavs, et Honor, Tibi Sit Rex Christe Redemptor (Latin for "Glory, Praise and Honor to Thee, O King, Christ, the Redeemer) - 1962 Daily Missal Missy ( began this Episode by explaining that May 26th is the actual day for the Corpus Christi Celebration but it is celebrated...

Faith Life Family Episode 7: with Leslie Davis Blackwell

Leslie Davis Blackwell, Silent No More Awareness Campaign, Silent No More, #ProtestPP, #silentnomore, #marchforlife, National March for Life, Catholic Podcast
Faith Life Family Episode 7 with Guest Leslie Davis Blackwell ( "Do not be Afraid. Go on speaking, and Do Not Be Silent, for I am with you ..." (Acts 18:9) Missy ( began this Episode by introducing Leslie ( and in turn Leslie gave her background information. She is the VA Co-Coordinator of the Silent No More Awareness Campaign. #silentnomore She...