#Protestpp, Monica Migliorino Miller, Ph.D.,David Daleiden, Pro-Life, Catholic Podcast

“Human Life is Precious from Its Beginning to its Natural End” – St. Pope John Paul II

Dr. Miller (http://www.prolifesociety.com) provides two (2) opportunities for us to support the Pro-Life Movement’s mission. She begins by encouraging all of us to Protest at a Planned Parenthood (PP) Facility on Saturday, April 23, 2016 (http://protestpp.com/) in our Hometown. It was delightful to see 100% stated participation in the PP Protest from the audience in the chat room.

Dr. Miller then spoke on how we need to support David Daleiden in his fight for innocence. David was the deliverer of the Undercover PP “Baby Part” Videos. We must first pray, pray, and pray some more for David and then, if we can, support his legal defense fund. (https://catholicfunder.org/projects/david-daleidens-legal-defense-fund/)

The remainder of this Episode was occupied with audience participation. Callers were had regarding their Pro-Life outlooks and many “chats” securing the Lord’s Help in abolishing abortion.