Fiat Ministry Show Episode 56: with Kevin Kukla Talking Pro Life


Fiat Ministry Show Episode 56
with Kevin Kukla (
“Human Life is Precious from Its Beginning to its Natural End” – St. Pope John Paul II

Brother Kent Kuholski ( began Episode 56 with a prayer. #alwaysstartwithprayer

After a brief introduction by the Host, Kent Kuholski, Kevin Kukla (Kevin) gave a quick history of his website Kevin also mentioned that he maintains a Blog, writes articles, is an author of E-Books, and does interviews for the Pro Life (Respect Life) Movement. #RespectLifeForever

The current E-Book that is available on Kevin’s website is entitled “7 Biblical Passages Against Birth Control”. Among the endorsements received, it has been endorsed by Dr. Taylor Marshall & Dr. Monica Miller. #7BiblicalPassagesAgainstBirthControl

Kevin was then asked by Kent what is the current status of the Pro Life Movement in the Country. Kevin replied by stating that first we must all agree that LIFE MATTERS. Kevin is seeing some progress but that progress gets quickly lost with some defeats. For example, abortions in general are down but other life issues such as assisted suicide and euthanasia, especially in Canada, are up or becoming more easier to accomplish. #upsanddownsofprotectinglife

The for a quick moment, the recent “gorilla” issue was discussed. Parents must be more diligent in watching their kids period! Also, think about it, what is more important, the life of a young child or the life of a gorilla! Respectfully, the death of the gorilla is sad but we must be truly realistic as to whom is more relevant to be saved. #savethechildnotthegorilla

Kevin stated that America has and continues to be complacent on Abortion. People are willing to spend lots of money and time for a sporting event, but have “no time” for fighting for their Faith. It’s unfortunate that people today are too lazy, their lives run on sound bites, and look to the media for their opinions. This is the Negative side of social media. #fightforyourfaithatallcost

Kevin then mentioned that Abortion, Contraception, Assisted Suicide, and Euthanasia must be put at the forefront of our lives. In order for us to accomplish this endeavor we need KNOWLEDGE! Having this knowledge will allow us to discuss these Respect Life issues anywhere such as the water cooler, family functions, work, etc. Conversations about the Respect Life Issue are VITAL even with the risk of not being liked! #knowledgeisthekeytosuccess

Every once in a while, there is a success after having a conversation about the Respect Life issue or in other words, says Kevin, the “Holy Spirit throwing me a bone.” An example of a success happened after Kevin had written an article about how we should be thankful for Life. An adoptive person read Kevin’s article, was moved by it, and eventually called her “Birth” mother to thank her for giving her life. #successisdifficultbutwellworththeeffortinvoled

Kevin continued, when conversing, don’t beat the person over the head with your issue. Utilize a tender heart. We don’t want to lose their soul! #speakwithlove

The condom issue was discussed next. The media will lead you to believe that having more condoms would lead to less abortions. On the contrary, statistically, it has increased abortions. Recreational sex increases, but responsibility decreases. #abstinenceworks

Catholics must “do the right thing” even if chances need to be taken. Remember, Jesus took many chances and he turned out ok! #chanceitlikeJesuschancedit

The discussion lead to where Parish Priest’s must preach on Respecting Life. If your Parish Priest is not preaching on the Respect Life issue, kindly approach him and express your concern. It would really help if you provide/hand him some sort of resource such as “Humanae Vitae”, Bible verses, etc. #preachonRespectingLife

All Parishes must have a Respect Life Ministry. Funding is necessary for the Ministry but most importantly, the Laity MUST participate. Take the Chance! Networking among parishes/diocese greatly helps which includes the sharing of ideas. A great resource for your Respect Life Ministry is to visit the website. Very good resource and if you need someone to speak to, Becky Visosky ( heads the Pro Life Dallas organization. #RespectLifeMinistryIsAMustInAParish

Kevin’s last topic of discussion is about his NEW E-Book entitled Pornography: Help Catholics Overcome It. It speaks about self mortification and trying to overcome the sin of Lust. The E-Book will be available in 1-2 months and will be FREE on the website ( #NewEBook

Our Host Kent asked Kevin to come back on the show right before our national elections.

Kevin ended the episode with Prayer by invoking Our Lady of Guadalupe.
Synopsis By: Normand HJ Robert