On this episode of the Fiat Ministry Show. We will welcome Jim Havens Founder of http://www.catholicfamilymen.com. We will talk about his Fiat moment(s) and also about Catholic Family Men. He will give advice to us as men to be better husbands and fathers. We will also talk about how we can learn from our wives to be better husbands and fathers. Join us LIVE at 9pm EST at http://fiatministrynetwork.tv/live.

Fiat Ministry Show Episode 64

with Jim Havens (jimhavens@gmail.com) – Catholic Family Men Discussion (www.catholicfamilymen.com)

Opening Remarks & Opening Prayer by Kent Kuholski (kent@fiatministrynetwork.tv).

After introducing Jim Havens (Jim), Kent then asked Jim to share his “Fiat” Moment.

Jim was born into a Catholic Family. The family went to Mass just for the sake of going to Mass. No Faith involved. The family actually left Mass after Holy Communion.

Jim also mentioned that his parents divorced while he was in high school. Because of this, Jim just “flowed with the flow of the world”.

Jim stopped praying and searching for God.

Jim decided to separate himself from his comfort zone and move to North Carolina. #ChangeOfScenery

Jim continued by stating that he had a lot of quiet, lonely moments. One night, Jim began to write down his thoughts and feelings. Tears began to flow while thinking of all the sins he had and still is committing. Jim said to Jesus, “I don’t know if you are real, if you are show me”. Jim began to feel a sense of love. Besides saying this to Jesus, he also said this to Mother Mary. He then felt a sense of “motherly love”.


Another Moment, states Jim, was when he was at Mass (In Buffalo, after moving back) for his grandparents 50th Wedding Anniversary. Jim stated that it seemed that the Priest knew his faith was on the rocks, and the priest’s homily “hit home” especially when the priest mentioned that “Jesus is the Eucharist” and what needs to be done prior to receiving Communion. #JesusIsTheEucharist

Staying on this moment, Jim states that the homily also moved the family. The homily was just “simple catechesis”. Even though this was a moment of conversion, Jim still didn’t receive Holy Communion. #SimpleCatechesis

After this “moment of conversion”, Jim picked up a copy of the Catechism of the Catholic Church wherein he began reading about the Church’s view on sexuality. Jim knowing his previous sins, the words actually jumped off the page.

Immediately after this, Jim went to confession. Nervous but the Priest assisted him through the process. Something really important was that Confession was available 15 minutes before Mass. Jim, along with many other Catholics feel that this practice should be brought back to the Church. This offers people, who weren’t going to receive Communion, the opportunity to receive Jesus’ Body & Blood. #ConfessionRestoresGrace

This was Jim’s First Real Confession! Jim’s life changed forever! The Catholic Church is Real! Jim had some fear, Can I Do This? #StrengthAndFaith

This happened 15 years ago and has been in a consistent Life Of Grace, states Jim.

Reflecting on his past sins, Jim commented on how masturbation was a sin. Jim didn’t know this nor did this synopsis writer. Nobody tells men this is a sin, we must begin to do so. Masturbation trains men to look at women with only lust and not love. #LookAtWomenWithLove

Kent stated that we as men need constant reminders! Kent then asked Jim to explain what his website (www.catholicfamilymen.com) was all about?

Jim stated that the website is used to mentor men. Not only did Jim attend a Catholic University, he has a Masters in Theology. The website also assists men on how to be better husbands and fathers. The website started about 1.5 years ago.

Jim has been married for 8 years with him and his wife expecting their fifth child. Praise the Lord!

We ALL need to be wise and put our Faith in Jesus, states Jim. This wisdom will ensure all of us to know that Jesus is the Truth. #JesusIsTheTruth

As humans, states Jim, we need downtime from our work of discipleship. But please take notice that when we do spiritual works vice secular things, we feel much better (Grace). #OKToTakeABreak

Normand called into the show and stated how familiar Jim’s story was to his.

Kent said that we are tough men, both physically and spiritually. We must share this toughness with other men. By this sharing, it keeps us men out of trouble. Let’s look up to the Saints as Our Role Models! #RoleModelSaints

Kent then asked Jim to share any final thoughts.

Jim thanked Kent for the invite and praised Kent for the use of this technology to spread the Gospel. Jesus is Real…Jesus was Obedient to his Father….Jesus did suffer, die, and rise again, stated Jim.

Also, Jim stated, that if we are in sin, GO TO CONFESSION! #GoToConfession

We received a last minute call-in from Chris.

Lastly, Jim emphasized and said, DON’T GIVE UP!

Closing Prayer done by Jim.

Synopsis completed by Normand HJ Robert