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“Hungry For More” Episode 48

100th Anniversary of Angel Appearing at Fatima with Al & Isabel Smith (

As customary, Al ( began the show with a Prayer from St. Teresa of Avila. #carmelitenun #spanishmystic

With a brief introduction on the 100th Anniversary of Angel Appearing at Fatima, Al introduced his wife Isabel.  Isabel began with a wonderful synopsis of Angels and how they revere God and enforce that we are His special children. #guardianangels

Isabel also talked about how her family (Her Grandma) had actually been present when the Miracle of the Spinning Sun happened at Fatima. #spinningsun This revelation had a tremendous response from the chat room. How Blessed this Family Is! Isabel continued to talk about the 3 Shepherd Children and the Messages Associated with Fatima. #Fatima #miracles

The conversation then veered to more on the topic of Angels. Al mentioned that Angels are closest to God and invoking our Angels prior to anything we do will assist in avoiding any failures. Also, Angels bring us to our place in Heaven. #invokeyourangel

Lastly, Fatima Message(s) spoke that we should Pray Always with Supplication, spend time adoring the Blessed Sacrament, and offer Suffering for the conversion of sinners. #blessedsacrament #spiritualsuffering.  Join Us LIVE Wednesdays at 9pm EST 

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