“Hungry For More” Episode 49
Evangelization with David J. Gilbert (www.serviamministries.com)
As customary, Al Smith (bishopfultonjsheen@gmail.com) (http://www.bishopsheentoday.com) began the show with a Prayer from St. Teresa of Avila. #carmelitenun #spanishmystic  David (david@serviamministries.com) began by advising the audience that his wife is pregnant adding another Life to his beautiful family! Praise the Lord! #prolife David explained that part of our evangelization is to “meet people where they are”. Go to the union halls, at your dentist office, etc. #sharethegoodnews  The discussion led to David stating that some Catholics use Sunday Mass as “fire insurance”. They think by only going to Sunday Mass will save them from the fires of hell. #needmorethanjustfireinsurance. These same type of Catholics state “Lord, what can you do for me” instead of saying “Lord, what can I do for You”. Al mentioned that we should state, especially during our prayer time, “speak Lord, your servant is listening”. #Lordtalktome.  A video was then showed about the “bathroom” controversy at Target. (FlushTarget.com). Discussion about this topic was very spirited including many comments from the Chat Room. #boycotttarget.  Based on the “bathroom” controversy, David mentioned that we must SPEAK UP. Don’t be scared! The Saints did it! Unfortunately, Evil is running wild because of Our Silence. When is Enough Enough? This controversy could also bring on more child abuse. Men, stating their a woman, could enter female bathrooms. Where your daughter is in? …civil disobedience may be in order to protect the women’s bathroom. LifeSite News (http://www.lifesitenews.com/) reported that, what would prohibit a heterosexual male dressing up as a female from entering a women’s bathroom. Sexual Predator? WE CAN’T BE COWARDS, WE MUST BE CATHOLICS WITH CONVICTION! #fightforCatholicmorality.  A short excerpt from a Tim Staples (http://www.catholic.com) video was shown. Some points of the video were that “Catholics Have the Answer” and don’t be “wimpy” in our faith. “Live Our Faith Heroically” and “Evangelize Non-Catholics”. #catholicsstrong.

Imagine if EVERY Catholic practiced their Faith! Let’s reach out to our Fallen-Away Catholics first, asking for our Blessed Mothers intercession. Let’s do what we think instead of waiting for someone else to do it. #FaithFirst

David then gave an example of how he has “met people where they are”. He met with some high school students wherein he was well received. Actually had a profound impact! He spoke their language and gave them practical incentives. #speaktheirlanguage

Lastly, David talked about the upcoming Heroic Catholicism (http://www.serviamministries.com/events/heroic/) event in Toronto on May 28th. Guest speakers will be Tim Staples and Tanya Granic Allen. Serviam Ministries have begun a Novena to St. Joseph for the success of this event.

We Can No Longer be Catholics by accident, but instead Catholics by Conviction – Bishop Jenky

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