“Hungry For More” Episode 51

“Be Catholic, Why Bother? Part 1” with Isabel Smith

As customary, Al Smith (bishopfultonjsheen@gmail.com) (www.bishopsheentoday.com) began the show with a Prayer from St. Teresa of Avila. #carmelitenun #spanishmystic

The conversation began with Al speaking about the conference, Heroic Catholicism, that he attended. 

A video clip by David Gilbert (david@serviamministries.com) on the conference was shown. David gave his thoughts on how the conference went. Some of David’s thoughts were that the conference went well but was a financial loss. Only 150 people showed up. Why? David stated that if he gave 1 million dollars for someone to do the Rosary each day, people would be lined up but if no million dollars were involved, people would have excuses. This is Sad, Pathetic, and Weak! We should be doing the Rosary because of our love for Jesus and Mary with NO excuses. Things of the flesh are not bad but we MUST live our lives Heroically, Practice Our Faith, and Make it Effective. There is a Highway to Hell but only a Stairway to Heaven. A narrow path to heaven that few find! Lastly, David stated that “the flesh has needs but God comes first”. #GodBeforeAnythingElse

After the video clip, Al mentioned that unfortunately more and more Catholic folks are disinterested in learning more about there faith. Isabel stated, “let’s look at Kent, our Producer, he was very interested in learning more about his faith. He began this blessed ministry, the Fiat Ministry Network” (www.fiatministrynetwork.tv). She continues, “We are baptized with the Mission of Christ so we should share in the Mission of Christ”. Life on Earth is not everything, Life Eternal is our Goal! #GetOffTheCouchandSpreadTheNews

It’s sad that there is not more folks viewing this program. The Goal of this program will continue to be to enrich, empower, and bring into focus what we should live for, Jesus Christ. #Live For Christ

How can we overcome temptation? The answers are within the Catholic Faith. Programs like this, Hungry For More, and Faith Conferences, assist us in spreading the Good News. The Lord will always give us the opportunity to plant seeds in the world. This seed planting can be at the water cooler, work, grocery store, etc. #LearnAndPlantTheSeed

Why are some people lazy? Unfortunately, it stems from Adam and Eve. When God made Adam and Eve, they were perfect, made in God’s Image. Well, because of “sin” Adam, Eve, and their future family were struck with sloth.

Overcoming sloth begins by avoiding sin. We can avoid sin by “entering Jesus’ gate”. In John 10:9, Jesus says “I am the gate of the sheep”. We can only get to heaven through Jesus and be saved. Remember, the Highway to Hell is wide but the Stairway to Heaven is a narrow path wherein few find the way. #EnterTheGateAndBeSaved

Also, and most important, is Prayer! Prayer will surely assist in overcoming Sin. Don’t be discouraged, cling to Jesus & Mary! The Answer to Overcoming Sin is There! #ClingToJesusandMary

We always hear about Bad News in the World, but remember the Church is our oasis. The Church helps us with its Mercy through the sacraments. Most folks are “all in the same boat”. A consolation of being Catholic is the Love of the Lord! #OasisToLoveofTheLord

The Venerable Bishop Fulton J. Sheen’s book “Prodigal Word” (Authored 65 years ago) came up in the discussion. Sainthood is generational! If they can, we can! Little by little, we will be blessed with graces and holiness. We must inform our conscience in a Godly way not a secular way.

Morality issues became the next topic of discussion. A major problem in the world today is that the avoidance of birth control is to difficult. They want the pleasure but not the responsibility. Sin like this is cutting us off from the fruitful works in the Church. The Lord stated “If you Love Me, You’ll Keep My Commandments”. #LifeIsPrecious

Fear is not from God, fear came about from Original Sin. We must Trust in God!

Isabel ended the episode in Prayer by reciting the Prayer to St. Michael.

Synopsis Prepared by Normand HJ Robert